Here is an excerpt from an article written about a young artist we featured in our Making Art series' film, "Beauty":

One morning this past spring, portrait painter Melanie Norris received an e-mail from a stranger.

She is young — a recent graduate of East Tennessee State University’s Art Department, where she studied under Mira Gerard, daughter of Asheville’s well-known painter Jonas Gerard. She has barely lived in Asheville for a year, and just acquired her studio at The Wedge in January 2013.

That alone has served up a full plate, but the stranger’s message, asking to make a documentary about her artwork, broadcast her pieces to a much larger audience than she ever imagined attaining so early.

“He said he wouldn’t tell me what kind of questions he would ask in the filming. In a way, it placed me in the same awkward position that I tend to look for in my portrait subjects,” she says. “I appreciated that.”

East Tennessee filmmaker Jesse Brass traveled to Norris’ studio, creating a compelling five-minute film on the subject of beauty as it concerns Norris’ work. He is a regular contributor to Vimeo, where it became a Staff Pick, gleaning responses, blogging, and commissions for Norris from all over the world.

It only happened four months ago. A full plate, indeed.

-Verve Magazine


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